Are you ready to feel fab at 50?
An '0' year is always difficult - another decade reached, dreams unmet and youthful energy slipping away. Approaching 50 can seem the most challenging of all. Half your life has passed so you must make the most of what is left. Gravity takes its toll yet you can't escape into baggy shirts and elasticated waists just yet. On the other hand, you don't want to look like your daughter's twin sister either. The menopause looms large, with insomnia and hot flushes everyday occurrences. To top it all, there maybe empty nesting, divorce, redundancy or even motherhood to cope with. Life really can seem quite bleak.
That's where I come in. I too felt the changes that this 6th decade brings. My work and home life both suffered as a result. But I know that if you look good you can feel terrific and that's my gift to you. Along with other experts, I am able to bring you the knowledge and practical advice that can help you feel better than you ever have before. Whether you download my free top tips or embark on my longer one to one programmes, life will never be the same again, whatever your budget. Enjoy.

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